Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Well thats the drafts done for the two papers I'm meant to be giving on the 7th. The read through of the cbm one is still a bit jumpy, so have to smooth it up still - probablyfriday on the way to cambridge. I didn't have the heart to go through the pot one just yet. The trouble with 30 minute papers is tha the read through takes so long - up until the point when I actually give them and then time just eveaporates.

By way of distraction I finally broke myself imposed exile on bajr as one thread was getting particularly annoying - including the incrdible asinine spectacle of someone complaining about somthingsomeone didnt say at an event they didnt attend. The shear lack of seriousness of these people continues to irritate - Why bother to try to do anythin when you can have a go at the people who do, whlist propagadizing for the rival group you are setting up ( in something which has an unspeakable cthulu like ending assigned to it if I'm any judge of these things.

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