Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Off to Jersey tomorrow to visit my grandmother. Only 4 days but still needs some smart clothes for me, and huge amounts of gear for no 1 son…

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Back to the fray

Alun's new blog has slightly motivated me to try to get to blogging on a regular basis. I’ve been in a bit of a torpor – the demands of no 1 son are exhausting, to put it mildly! As well as trying to catch up with work – despite the recession there is lots of (unpaid) work for me to do. There is fortunately still a lot of paid work for me for the time being, even if I appear to be paying 200% tax (chiz) still i try to think of it as a compulsory saving system – I should get a lot back next January when extra money is always useful!.

Any way Aluns’ excuse is to improve writing – or at least to keep in the habit of writing. so I will try to maintain a presence, even if its just a little writing everyday.

And because I enjoy lists here is the list of things I need to di:

Carthage CBM Report

Syrian Pottery report

Introduction to Hayton

Horningsea volume proofing

Berlin workshop writeup

that should be doing for now…