Monday, 23 February 2009

One thought experiment I keepmeaning to develop is parrallel tracking for the Roman Period and modern Uk Britain V Britannia if you will. The basic frame work is - JC invades 55BC, Claudius AD45, Boudiccan revolt 60-1; Hadrians wall 122, Antonine wall 142-162, big pottery industries 266+ 'barbarian crisis' 367
'look to your own defence '410.
so if we take 2009 as 409 - we allegedly get abandoned next year ( I don't believe it - bu bear with me.) 
so invasion was initailly 464 years ago ( 1545) 'proper' invasion in 1645, Boudican revolyt in 1660-1, Hadrians wall 1722, antonine wall 1742-62, big pottery industries 1866, barbarian crisis 1967, collapse of samian 1790, rise of nene valley 1790. 
that sort of thing. bearing in mind comparitive levels of literacy and how history would be expereience in a very differnt way!
Thoughts? depressing parralles between modeern capatilistic industrial society and collase of roman ciovilisation inthe west are encouraged....

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