Monday, 4 January 2010

Writing lectures

In many ways this is a nice easy way into giving a series of lectures - I'm giving a course spread over 9 weeks ( + 1 reading week) which is part of a wider series ( I just give term 2 lectures). I'm following the broad pattern set by someone else ( with some tweaking). Its on the Roman Economy- the big theme of my PhD, and I'm largely concentrating on the material evidence for an audience of classicists. But it sure is a daunting class (not helped by the convergence of deadlines from a number of sides...). It really is harder than it looks, needs a lot of preperation and nicely reveals the areas which are so far outside my comfort zone that they are posting my postcards.

Still that is a major reason why I took the opportunity up when it was offered ( as well as calculating that the recession should be hitting my business by now which it apparently is, and needing to add this particular arrow to my quiver.

So the good part is yes it is showing me areas I need to know more about, it is refreshing my memory on certain other aspects, its making me appreciate the other side of the lectureship coin.

I have now prepared the first weeks two lectures - an introduction piece, with something on provenance studies, dating and quantification - all firmly in my comfort zone, and probably furthest from the comfort zone of the students. That ratio will be changing!

And now a rehersal!

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